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David Among the Philistines...
1.  And Dawid said in his heart, `Now I shall perish by the hand of Sha`ul, some day. There is naught better for me than to escape to the land of the Philistines. Then Sha`ul shall give up searching for me any longer in any part of Yisra`el, and I shall escape out of his hand.`
2.  So Dawid rose up and passed over with the six hundred men who were with him to Akish son of Ma'ok, sovereign of Gath.
3.  And Dawid dwelt with Akish at Gath, he and his men, each man with his household - Dawid with his two wives, Ahino'am the Yizre'elitess, and Abigayil the Karmelitess, Nabal's widow.
4.  And it was reported to Sha'ul that Dawid had fled to Gath, so he sought him no more.
5.  And Dawid said to Akish, 'If I have now found favour in your eyes, let them give me a place in some town in the country, to dwell there. For why should your servant dwell in the royal city with you?'
6.  And Akish gave him Tsiqlag that day. That is why Tsiqlag has belonged to the sovereigns of Yehudah to this day.
7.  And the time that Dawid dwelt in the country of the Philistines came to be a year and four months.
8.  And Dawid and his men went up and raided the Geshurites, and the Girzites, and the Amaleqites. For those nations were the inhabitants of the land from of old, as you go to Shur, even as far as the land of Mitsrayim.
9.  And when Dawid had smitten the land, he left neither man nor woman alive, but took away sheep, and cattle, and donkeys, and camels, and garments, and returned and came to Akish.
10.  And Akish would say, 'Where have you made a raid today?' And Dawid would say, 'Against the South of Yehudah, or against the South of the Yerahme'elites, or against the South of the Qeynites.'
11.  Dawid did not keep alive man nor woman, to bring news to Gath, saying, 'Lest they inform against us, saying, 'Thus Dawid did.'' And this was his practice all the days that he dwelt in the country of the Philistines.
12.  And Akish trusted Dawid, saying to himself, 'He has indeed made himself a stench to his people in Yisra'el, and has become my servant forever.'
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