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1.  'And you, son of man, take a sharp sword, take it as a barber's razor, and you shall pass it over your head and your beard. And you shall take scales to weigh and divide the hair.
2.  'Burn with fire one-third in the midst of the city when the days of the siege are completed. And you shall take one-third and strike around it with the sword, and scatter one-third in the wind. And I shall draw out a sword after them.
3.  'And you shall take a few hairs from there and bind them in the edge of your garment.
4.  'And take again some of them, and throw them into the midst of the fire, and burn them in the fire. From it a fire shall spread unto all the house of Yisra'el.
5.  'Thus said the Master YHWH, 'This is Yerushalayim which I have set in the midst of the gentiles, with the other lands all around her.
6.  'But she rebelled against My rightrulings, doing wrong, more than the gentiles, and My laws more than the lands all around her. For they have rejected My right-rulings, and they have not walked in My laws.'
7.  'Therefore thus said the Master YHWH, 'Because you have rebelled more than the gentiles all around you, and have not walked in My laws, nor done My right-rulings, nor even done according to the right-rulings of the gentiles all around you,'
8.  therefore thus said the Master YHWH, 'Look I Myself am against you and shall execute judgments in your midst before the eyes of the gentiles.
9.  'And I shall do among you what I have never done, and the like of which I never do again, because of all your abominations.
10.  'Therefore fathers are going to eat their sons in your midst, and sons eat their fathers. And I shall execute judgments among you and scatter all your remnant to all the winds.
11.  'Therefore, as I live,' declares the Master YHWH, 'because you have defiled My set-apart place with all your disgusting matters and with all your abominations, therefore I also withdraw. And My eye shall not pardon, nor shall I spare.
12.  'One-third of you shall die of pestilence, and be consumed with scarcity of food in your midst. And one-third shall fall by the sword all around you. And I shall scatter another third to all the winds, and draw out a sword after them.
13.  'And My displeasure shall be completed. And I shall bring My wrath to rest upon them, and I shall be eased. And they shall know that I, YHWH, have spoken it in My ardour, when I have completed My wrath upon them.
14.  'And I shall make you a waste and a reproach among the gentiles that are all around you, before the eyes of all who pass by.
15.  'And it shall be a reproach, an object of scorn, a warning, and an astonishment to the gentiles that are all around you, when I execute judgments among you in displeasure and in wrath and in heated chastisements. I, YHWH, have spoken.
16.  'When I send against them the evil arrows of scarcity of food which shall be for their destruction, which I send to destroy you, I shall increase the scarcity of food upon you and cut off your supply of bread.
17.  'And I shall send against you scarcity of food and evil beasts, and they shall bereave you. And pestilence and blood shall pass through you, while I bring the sword against you. I, YHWH, have spoken.''
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