Truth Restoration

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1.  And Bildad the Shuhite answered and said,
2.  'When do you put an end to words? Understand, and let us then talk.
3.  Why should we be reckoned as beasts, as stupid in your eyes?
4.  You who tear yourself to pieces in displeasure - would the earth be forsaken for your sake? Or the rock move from its place?
5.  Indeed, the light of the wrong goes out, and the flame of his fire does not shine.
6.  The light shall be dark in his tent, and his lamp beside him is put out.
7.  The steps of his strength are impeded, and his own counsel overthrows him.
8.  For he is sent into a net by his own feet, and he walks on a pit-fall.
9.  The net seizes his heel, a snare prevails over him.
10.  A noose is hidden on the ground for him, and a trap for him in the path.
11.  Alarms frighten him on all sides, and chase him at his heels.
12.  His strength is starved, and calamity is ready at his side.
13.  It devours parts of his skin, the first-born of death devours his parts.
14.  He is torn from the shelter of his tent, and they parade him before the sovereign of alarms.
15.  In his tent dwells that which is none of his; brimstone is scattered on his house.
16.  His roots below dry up, and his branch is cut off above.
17.  Remembrance of him perishes from the earth, and he has no name on the street.
18.  They thrust him from light into darkness, and chase him out of the world.
19.  He leaves no offspring or descendant among his people, nor any survivor in his dwellings.
20.  Those in the west are astonished at his day, as those in the east are frightened.
21.  Indeed, such are the dwellings of the perverse, and this is the place of him who does not know El.'
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