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Division of the Rest of the Land...
1.  And all the congregation of the children of Yisra`el assembled at Shiloh, and they let the Tent of Appointment dwell there. And the land was subdued before them.
2.  And seven tribes were left among the children of Yisra'el who had not yet shared their inheritance.
3.  So Yehoshua said to the children of Yisra'el, 'Till when are you going to fail to go in and possess the land which YHWH Elohim of your fathers has given you?
4.  'Appoint three men from each tribe, and let me send them out to go through the land and describe it according to their inheritance, and come back to me.
5.  'And they shall divide it into seven portions - Yehudah stays within their border on the south, and the house of Yoseph stays within their border on the north -
6.  and you shall describe the land in seven portions, and shall bring it to me. Then I shall cast lots for you here before YHWH our Elohim.
7.  'But the Lewites have no portion among you, for the priesthood of YHWH is their inheritance. And Gad, and Re'uben, and half the tribe of Menashsheh have received their inheritance beyond the Yarden on the east, which Mosheh the servant of YHWH gave them.'
8.  So the men rose up and went. And Yehoshua commanded those who went to describe the land, saying, 'Go, walk through the land, and describe it, and come back to me, and let me cast lots for you here before YHWH in Shiloh.'
9.  So the men went, and passed through the land, and described it in a book in seven portions by cities. And they came to Yehoshua at the camp in Shiloh.
10.  And Yehoshua cast lots for them in Shiloh before YHWH, and there Yehoshua divided the land to the children of Yisra'el according to their portions.
Allotment for Benjamin (Benyamin)...
11.  And the lot of the tribe of the children of Binyamin came up for their clans, and the border of their lot came out between the children of Yehudah and the children of Yoseph.
12.  And their border was on the north side from the Yarden, and the border went up to the side of Yeriho on the north, and went up through the mountains westward, and ended at the Wilderness of Beyth Awen.
13.  And the border went over from there toward Luz, to the side of Luz, that is Beyth El, southward. And the border went down to Ataroth Adar, by the hill that lies on the south side of Lower Beyth Horon.
14.  And the border was drawn and went around the west side to the south, from the hill that faces Beyth Horon southward, and it ended at Qiryath Ba'al, that is Qiryath Ye'arim, a city of the children of Yehudah. This was the west side.
15.  And the south side was from the end of Qiryath Ye'arim, and the border went out westward, and went out to the fountain of the waters of Nephtowah.
16.  And the border came down to the end of the mountain that faces the Valley of the Son of Hinnom, which is in the Valley of the Repha'im on the north, and went down to the Valley of Hinnom, to the side of the Yebusite city on the south, and went down to En Rogel.
17.  And it was drawn from the north, went out to En Shemesh, and went out toward Geliloth, which is opposite the Ascent of Adummim, and went down to the stone of Bohan son of Re'uben,
18.  and passed over to the side opposite Arabah northward, and went down to Arabah.
19.  And the border passed over to the side of Beyth Hoglah northward, and the border ended at the north bay at the Salt Sea, at the south end of the Yarden. This was the southern boundary,
20.  and the Yarden borders it on the east side. This was the inheritance of the children of Binyamin, according to its boundaries all around, for their clans.
21.  And the cities for the tribe of the children of Binyamin, for their clans, were Yeriho, and Beyth Hoglah, and Emeq Qetsits,
22.  and Beyth Arabah, and Tsemarayim, and Beyth El,
23.  and Awwim, and Parah, and Ophrah,
24.  and Kephar Ha'ammoni, and Ophni, and Gaba - twelve cities with their villages.
25.  Gib'on, and Ramah, and Be'eroth,
26.  and Mitspeh, and Kephirah, and Motsah,
27.  and Reqem, and Yirpe'el, and Taralah,
28.  and Tsela, Eleph, and the Yebusite, that is Yerushalayim, Gib'ath, and Qiryath - fourteen cities with their villages. This was the inheritance of the children of Binyamin for their clans.
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