Truth Restoration

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1.  O Elohim, why do You forever reject us? Why does Your displeasure smoke Against the sheep of Your pasture?
2.  Remember Your congregation. You did purchase of old, The tribe of Your inheritance. You did redeem, This Mount Tsiyon where You have dwelt.
3.  Lift up Your steps to the endless ruins; The enemy has done all evil in the set-apart place.
4.  Your adversaries have roared In the midst of Your meeting places; They have set up their own signs as signs.
5.  It seems as if one had lifted up Axes among the thick trees.
6.  And now all its carved work, They have broken down with axe and hammer.
7.  They have set fire to Your set-apart place, They have profaned the dwelling place of Your Name to the ground.
8.  They said in their hearts, 'Let us suppress them altogether.' They burned all the meeting places of El in the land.
9.  We do not see our signs, There is no longer a prophet, Nor any among us who knows how long.
10.  O Elohim, how long would the adversary reproach? Would the enemy despise Your Name forever?
11.  Why do You hold back Your hand, even Your right hand? From the midst of Your bosom - end it!
12.  For Elohim is my Sovereign from of old, Working deliverance in the midst of the earth.
13.  You divided the sea by Your might; You broke the heads of the sea serpents in the waters.
14.  You broke the heads of Liwiathan in pieces, You made him food for the people Living in the wilderness.
15.  You did cleave open the fountain and the flood, You did dry up mighty rivers.
16.  The day is Yours, the night is Yours too, You have established the light and the sun.
17.  You have set all the borders of the earth, You have made summer and winter.
18.  Remember this: the enemy has reproached YHWH, And a foolish people has despised Your Name.
19.  Do not give the being of Your turtledove to the wild beast! Do not forget the life of Your afflicted ones forever.
20.  Look to the covenant, For the dark places of the earth are filled With haunts of violence.
21.  Let not the crushed one return ashamed! Let the poor and needy praise Your Name.
22.  Arise, O Elohim, plead Your own cause, Remember how the foolish man reproaches You daily.
23.  Do not forget the voice of Your enemies, The uproar of those rising up against You increases continually.
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