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"Your word is truth” - John 17:17
"He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him” - Hebrews 11:6
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Search The Scriptures

We are happy you are here; we encourage you to use the search tools on this site to help you in your Bible Studies! Do Keyword and Topical Searches or simply look up Passages. We welcome your comments, questions, or ideas. Thanks!
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Conference Call


Interested in discussing Biblical Truths and testing everything to Scripture? Contact us if you would like info about joining our weekly Wednesday-At-Noon Bible Study Conference Call.
(You can also listen to some past calls and special guest speakers on the Interviews page!)

Wednesday, February 28, 2024
(12pm-1:30pm Pacific, YHWH WILLING!):
Let's share and compare notes!

Helpful Study Tools

Helpful Study Tools If you would like access to some Helpful Study Tools on this site, including managing your own list of Biblical Topics and their related verses, highlighting Bible passages, writing your own searchable Notes for any Bible passage, and creating your own lists of Cross References, Links, and searchable Keywords for any Scripture, please Register Here for a free User Account.

Featured Resources

A.L.S. It saved my life

A.L.S. It Literally Saved My Life

by Dennis Eldridge
Learn how a 35-year-old fast-rising, no-nonsense special agent of our government turned a diagnosis of certain death into a life-saving experience. Dennis delicately weaves his daily battle for life over death while exposing some of Satan's most prized secrets.

Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers!

It has been a real blessing to have these guest speakers on some of our Weekly Bible Study Conference Calls. Check out their ministries for yourself!

  • Tom Martincic
  • 119 Ministries