Truth Restoration


Below is a list of some topics we have been discussing on our Weekly Conference Calls. Please investigate the passages, questions, and comments for yourself, and, as always, test everything to Scripture. New topics will be added continually, so check back often.

  A Peculiar, Set-Apart People...
  Abominable and Detestable Things
  Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  David: A Man After God`s Own Heart...
  Different laws for Jews and Gentiles?
  Does FULFILL Mean to Destroy, End, or Abolish?
  Fear of the LORD
  Future prophecies about Levites, the temple, Sabbath, Feasts
  His name...removed almost 7000 times!
  How to love God
  Law of God
  Some OT Truths Quoted in the NT
  The First and the Last
  The Sabbath (Please also view this short PDF: Quotes From The Catholic Church About The Sabbath)
  Think and speak this way...
  Traditions instead of commandments
  What is Righteousness?
  What is sin?
  What is truth?
Some Additional Thoughts:
Some Great Things to Discuss With Jehovah's Witnesses (PDF)

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