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The Gatekeepers...
1.  For the divisions of the gatekeepers: Of the Qorhites, Meshelemyahu son of Qore, of the sons of Asaph.
2.  And the sons of Meshelemyahu: Zekaryahu the first-born, Yediya'el the second, Zebadyahu the third, Yathni'el the fourth,
3.  Eylam the fifth, Yehohanan the sixth, Elyo'eynai the seventh.
4.  And the sons of Obed-Edom: Shemayah the first-born, Yehozabad the second, Yo'ah the third, Sakar the fourth, Nethane'l the fifth,
5.  Ammi'el the sixth, Yissaskar the seventh, Pe'ullethai the eighth, for Elohim blessed him.
6.  Also to Shemayah his son were sons born who ruled their fathers' houses, because they were able mighty men.
7.  The sons of Shemayah: Othni, and Repha'el, and Obed, Elzabad, whose brothers Elihu and Semakyahu were able men.
8.  All these were of the sons of Obed-Edom, they and their sons and their brothers, able men with strength for the work: sixty-two of Obed-Edom.
9.  And Meshelemyahu had sons and brothers, eighteen able men.
10.  Also Hosah, of the children of Merari, had sons: Shimri the head (although he was not the first-born, his father made him the head),
11.  Hilqiyahu the second, Tebalyahu the third, Zekaryahu the fourth. All the sons and brothers of Hosah were thirteen.
12.  These divisions of the gatekeepers, among the chief men, had duties like their brothers, to serve in the House of YHWH.
13.  And they cast lots for each gate, the small as well as the great, according to their father's house.
14.  And the lot to the east fell to Shelemyahu. Then they cast lots for his son Zekaryahu, a wise counsellor, and his lot came out to the north;
15.  to Obed-Edom to the south, and to his sons the storehouse;
16.  to Shuppim and Hosah to the west, with the Shalleketh Gate on the ascending highway; guard corresponding with guard.
17.  On the east were six Lewites, on the north four each day, on the south four each day, and for the storehouse two by two.
18.  As for the Parbar on the west, there were four on the highway and two at the Parbar.
19.  These were the divisions of the gatekeepers among the sons of Qorah and among the sons of Merari.
The Treasurers and Other Officials...
20.  And of the Lewites, Ahiyah was over the treasuries of the House of Elohim and over the treasuries of the set-apart gifts.
21.  The sons of La'dan, the sons of the Gereshonites of La'dan, heads of their fathers' houses, of La'dan the Gereshonite: Yehi'eli.
22.  The sons of Yehi'eli, Zetham and Yo'el his brother, were over the treasuries of the House of YHWH.
23.  Of the Amramites, the Yitsharites, the Hebronites, and the Uzzi'elites,
24.  even Shebu'el son of Gereshom, son of Mosheh, was overseer of the treasuries.
25.  And his brothers by Eli'ezer were Rehabyahu his son, and Yeshayahu his son, and Yoram his son, and Zikri his son, and Shelomoth his son.
26.  This Shelomoth and his brothers were over all the treasuries of the set-apart gifts which Sovereign Dawid and the heads of fathers' houses, the commanders over thousands and hundreds, and the commanders of the army, had set apart.
27.  Some of the booty won in battles they set apart to maintain the House of YHWH.
28.  And all that Shemu'el the seer, and Sha'ul son of Qish, and Abner son of Ner, and Yo'ab son of Tseruyah had set apart, all who were setting apart, were under the hand of Shelomith and his brothers.
29.  Of the Yitsharites, Kenanyahu and his sons were for the outward duties as officials and judges over Yisra'el.
30.  Of the Hebronites, Hashabyahu and his brothers, one thousand seven hundred able men, had the oversight of Yisra'el beyond the Yarden westward, for all the work of YHWH, and in the service of the sovereign.
31.  Of the Hebronites, Yeriyah was head of the Hebronites according to his genealogy of the fathers. In the fortieth year of the reign of Dawid they were sought, and there were found among them able men at Ya'zer of Gil'ad.
32.  And his brothers were two thousand seven hundred able men, heads of fathers' houses, whom Sovereign Dawid made officials over the Re'ubenites, and the Gadites, and the half-tribe of Menashsheh, in all matters of Elohim and matters of the sovereign.
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