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The Fall of Jerusalem...
1.  And it came to be in the ninth year of his reign, in the tenth month, on the tenth of the month, that Nebukadnetstsar sovereign of Babel and all his army came against Yerushalayim and encamped against it, and they built a siege wall against it all around.
2.  And the city was besieged until the eleventh year of Sovereign Tsidqiyahu.
3.  By the ninth of the month the scarcity of food had become so severe in the city that there was no food for the people of the land.
4.  Then the city wall was breached, and all the men of battle fled at night by way of the gate between two walls, which was by the sovereign's garden, even though the Chaldeans were still encamped all around against the city. And the sovereign went by way of the desert plain.
5.  And the army of the Chaldeans pursued the sovereign, and overtook him in the desert plains of Yeriho, and all his army was scattered from him.
6.  And they seized the sovereign and brought him up to the sovereign of Babel at Riblah, and they pronounced sentence on him.
7.  And they slaughtered the sons of Tsidqiyahu before his eyes, and put out the eyes of Tsidqiyahu, and bound him with bronze shackles, and took him to Babel.
8.  And in the fifth month, on the seventh of the month, which was the nineteenth year of Sovereign Nebukadnetstsar sovereign of Babel, Nebuzaradan the chief of the guard, a servant of the sovereign of Babel, came to Yerushalayim.
9.  And he burned the House of YHWH and the house of the sovereign, and all the houses of Yerushalayim - even every great house he burned with fire.
10.  And all the army of the Chaldeans who were with the chief of the guard broke down the walls of Yerushalayim all around.
11.  And Nebuzaradan the chief of the guard took into exile the rest of the people who were left in the city and the deserters who deserted to the sovereign of Babel, with the rest of the multitude.
12.  But the chief of the guard left some of the poor of the land as vinedressers and farmers.
13.  And the bronze columns that were in the House of YHWH, and the stands and the bronze Sea that were in the House of YHWH, the Chaldeans broke in pieces, and took their bronze away to Babel.
14.  And they took the pots, and the shovels, and the snuffers, and the ladles, and all the bronze utensils the priests used in the service.
15.  And the chief of the guard took the fire holders and the basins which were of solid gold and solid silver.
16.  The bronze of all these utensils was beyond measure - the two columns, the one Sea, and the stands, which Shelomoh had made for the House of YHWH.
17.  The height of one column was eighteen cubits, and the capital on it was of bronze. And the height of the capital was three cubits, and the network and pomegranates all around the capital were all of bronze. And the second column was the same, with a network.
18.  And the chief of the guard took Serayah the chief priest, and Tsephanyahu the second priest, and the three doorkeepers.
19.  And out of the city he took a certain eunuch who was appointed over the men of battle, and five men of those who saw the sovereign's face, who were found in the city, and the chief scribe of the army who mustered the people of the land, and sixty men of the people of the land who were found in the city.
20.  And Nebuzaradan, chief of the guard, took them and made them go to the sovereign of Babel at Riblah.
21.  And the sovereign of Babel smote them and put them to death at Riblah in the land of Hamath. So he exiled Yehudah from its own land.
22.  And he appointed Gedalyahu son of Ahiqam, son of Shaphan, over the people who were left in the land of Yehudah, whom Nebukadnetstsar sovereign of Babel had left.
23.  And all the commanders of the armies, they and their men, heard that the sovereign of Babel had appointed Gedalyahu. And they came to Gedalyahu at Mitspah, even Yishma'el son of Nethanyah, and Yohanan son of Qareah, and Serayah son of Tanhumeth the Netophathite, and Ya'azanyahu the son of a Ma'akathite, they and their men.
24.  And Gedalyahu swore to them and their men, and said to them, 'Do not be afraid of the servants of the Chaldeans. Dwell in the land and serve the sovereign of Babel, and let it be well with you.'
25.  And in the seventh month it came to be that Yishma'el son of Nethanyah, son of Elishama, of the seed of the reign, came with ten men and smote Gedalyahu that he died, and the Yehudim, and the Chaldeans who were with him at Mitspah.
26.  And all the people rose up, small and great, and the commanders of the armies, and went to Mitsrayim, for they were afraid of the Chaldeans.
Jehoiachin Released...
27.  And it came to be in the thirty-seventh year of the exile of Yehoyakin sovereign of Yehudah, in the twelfth month, on the twenty-seventh of the month, that Ewil-Merodak sovereign of Babel, in the year that he began to reign, released Yehoyakin sovereign of Yehudah from prison,
28.  and spoke kindly to him, and set his throne above the throne of the sovereigns who were with him in Babel,
29.  and changed his prison garments. And he ate bread continually before the sovereign all the days of his life.
30.  And as his allowance, a continual allowance was given to him from the sovereign, a quota for each day, all the days of his life.
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