Truth Restoration

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Israel to Reap the Whirlwind...
1.  `Put the ram`s horn to your mouth, like an eagle against the House of YHWH, because they have transgressed My covenant, and they have rebelled against My Torah.
2.  'They cry out to Me, 'My Elohim - we, Yisra'el, know You!'
3.  'Yisra'el has rejected what is good, an enemy pursues him.
4.  'They have made sovereigns, but not from Me. They have made rulers, but I have not known. From their silver and gold they made idols for themselves, so that they are cut off.
5.  'O Shomeron, your calf has been cast off! My wrath has burned against them. How long shall they be incapable of innocence?
6.  'For from Yisra'el is even this: a workman made it, and it is not Elohim! For the calf of Shomeron is splinters!
7.  'For they sow the wind, and reap the whirlwind. The stalk has no bud, it yields no grain. If it does yield, strangers swallow it up.
8.  'Yisra'el has been swallowed up. They have now become among the nations as a vessel in which is no pleasure.
9.  'For they themselves have gone up to Ashshur. A wild donkey alone by itself is Ephrayim, they have hired lovers.
10.  'Also, although they sold themselves among the nations, this time I shall gather them, when they have suffered for a while from the burden of a sovereign, of rulers.
11.  'Since Ephrayim has made many altars for sin, they have been altars for sinning to him.
12.  'I have written for him numerous matters of My Torah - they were regarded as strange. TR Team Notes
13.  'As for My offerings: they slaughter flesh and they eat. YHWH shall not accept them. Now does He remember their crookedness and punish their sins. Let them return to Mitsrayim!
14.  'For Yisra'el has forgotten his Maker, and has built palaces. And Yehudah has increased walled cities. But I shall send fire upon his cities, and it shall devour his strongholds.'
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