Truth Restoration

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1.  We shall give thanks to You, O Elohim, we shall give thanks! And Your Name is near! Your wonders shall be declared!
2.  'When I seize the appointed time, It is I who judge in uprightness.
3.  'The earth and all its inhabitants are melted; It is I who set its columns firm. Selah.
4.  'I said to the boasters, 'Do not boast,' And to the wrong, 'Do not lift up the horn.
5.  'Do not lift up your horn on high (You speak with a stiff neck).''
6.  For exaltations are neither from the east, Nor from the west nor from the wilderness.
7.  But Elohim is the Judge - He puts down one, And exalts another.
8.  For a cup is in the hand of YHWH, And the wine shall foam; It is filled with a mixture, And He pours it out. All the wrong of the earth drink, Draining it to the dregs.
9.  But I, I declare forever, I sing praises to the Elohim of Ya'aqob.
10.  'And all the horns of the wrong I cut off; The horns of the righteous are lifted up.'
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