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1Isaiah 56:6. `Also the sons of the foreigner who join themselves to YHWH, to serve Him, and to love the Name of YHWH, to be His servants, all who guard the Sabbath, and not profane it, and hold fast to My covenant -

Is the sabbath for "everyone"?

(See also: Isaiah 56:6-7) (Topics: Different laws for Jews and Gentiles?, Future prophecies about Levites, the temple, Sabbath, Feasts, Salvation, The Sabbath)
2Matthew 7:23. 'And then I shall declare to them, 'I never knew you, depart from Me, you who work lawlessness!' (See also: Psalms 6:8, Matthew 25:12, Iniquity) (Topics: Law of God, Salvation, Some OT Truths Quoted in the NT, What is sin?)
3Luke 1:77. to give knowledge of deliverance to His people, by the forgiveness of their sins, (Topics: Salvation)
4Luke 13:27. 'But He shall say, 'I say to you I do not know you, where you are from. Depart from Me, all you workers of unrighteousness.'

What is "iniquity"?

(See also: Iniquity, Psalms 6:8) (Topics: Salvation, What is sin?)
5Acts 3:19. `Repent therefore and turn back, for the blotting out of your sins, in order that times of refreshing might come from the presence of the Master, (Topics: Salvation)
6Acts 4:12. `And there is no deliverance in anyone else, for there is no other Name under the heaven given among men by which we need to be saved.` (Topics: Salvation)
7Acts 8:37. And Philip said, 'If you believe with all your heart, it is permitted.' And he answering, said, 'I believe that Yahushua Messiah is the Son of Elohim.' (Topics: Salvation)
8Acts 16:31. And they said, 'Believe on the Master Yahushua Messiah, and you shall be saved, you and your household.' (Topics: Salvation)
9Acts 20:21. witnessing to Yehudim, and also to Greeks: repentance toward Elohim and belief in our Master Yahushua Messiah. (Topics: Salvation)
10Acts 28:28. 'Therefore let it be known to you that the deliverance of Elohim has been sent to the gentiles, and they shall hear!' (Topics: Salvation)
11Romans 1:2. which He promised before through His prophets in the Set-apart Scriptures,

Was the gospel preached before Jesus came?

(See also: Galatians 3:8, Hebrews 4:2) (Topics: Salvation)
12Romans 1:16. For I am not ashamed of the Good News of Messiah, for it is the power of Elohim for deliverance to everyone who believes, to the Yehudite first and also to the Greek. (Topics: Salvation)
13Romans 10:10. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and one confesses with the mouth, and so is saved. (Topics: Salvation)
142 Corinthians 7:10. For sadness according to Elohim works repentance to deliverance, not to be regretted, but the sadness of the world works death. (Topics: Salvation)
15Galatians 3:8. And the Scripture, having foreseen that Elohim would declare right the nations by belief, announced the Good News to Abraham beforehand, saying, 'All the nations shall be blessed in you,'

Was the Gospel preached before Jesus came?

(See also: Genesis 12:3 Hebrews 4:2, Romans 1:1-2) (Topics: Salvation)
16Philippians 2:12. So that, my beloved, as you always obeyed - not only in my presence, but now much rather in my absence - work out your own deliverance with fear and trembling,

One`s Salvation is not to be taken lightly.

(See also: Psalms 2:11) (Topics: Salvation)
172 Timothy 3:15. and that from a babe you have known the Set-apart Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for deliverance through belief in Messiah Yahushua. (Topics: Salvation)
18Titus 2:11. For the saving Gift of Elohim has appeared to all men, (Topics: Salvation)
19Hebrews 4:2. For indeed the Good News was brought to us as well as to them, but the word which they heard did not profit them, not having been mixed with belief in those who heard it.

Was the Gospel preached before Jesus came?

(See also: Hebrews 3:16-19, Galatians 3:8, Romans 1:1-2, Romans 9:32, Romans 10:3) (Topics: Salvation)
20Hebrews 5:9. And having been perfected, He became the Causer of everlasting deliverance to all those obeying Him, (Topics: Salvation)
211 Peter 1:10. Concerning this deliverance the prophets have sought out and searched out, prophesying concerning the favour for you, (Topics: Salvation)
221 John 4:15. Whoever confesses that Yahushua is the Son of Elohim, Elohim stays in him, and he in Elohim. (Topics: Salvation)
23Revelation 14:12. Here is the endurance of the set-apart ones, here are those guarding the commands of Elohim and the belief of Yahushua.

Who are "saints"?

(See also: Revelation 12:17) (Topics: A Peculiar, Set-Apart People..., How to love God, Salvation)
24Revelation 21:8. 'But as for the cowardly, and untrustworthy, and abominable, and murderers, and those who whore, and drug sorcerers, and idolaters, and all the false, their part is in the lake which burns with fire and sulphur, which is the second death.' (Topics: Abominable and Detestable Things, Salvation)
25Revelation 22:14. `Blessed are those doing His commands, so that the authority shall be theirs unto the tree of life, and to enter through the gates into the city. (Topics: Salvation, What is sin?)